The Reset Box is a hand picked selection of our favourite blends. They work on restoring your system after periods of overindulgence, stress, post-illness and any other issues that may have impacted your health and vitality. 
Let's raise your energy and give you a reason to spend some time on yourself!

We want to make it easy for you so we've combined 4 individual blends in one box so you can experience the healing nature of herbs and the potency and power of a gentle resetting ritual.
Each blend works on specific areas of the body and can be used on their own or in combination with other positive lifestyle changes like diet and exercise. 
The Box contains
1 x Digestive (traveller size)
(You can read more about Digestive here )
1 x Spring Tonic (traveller size)
(You can read more about Spring Tonic here )
1 x Rise and Shine (traveller size)
(You can read more about Rise and Shine here )
1 x Cleopatra (traveller size)
(You can read more about Cleopatra here )
This box is the perfect way to look after yourself or gift to someone who could use some nourishing support.
All our products come plastic free, gift wrapped and with an accompanying note if required.
Enjoy the joyful flavours of these nourishing herbs.