How to make the perfect cup of loose leaf tea: The Naturopaths Guide

Misha Moran

How to make the perfect cup of loose leaf tea: The Naturopaths guide

The art of preparing herbal tea is a ritual that has been around for centuries. If you know me, you know I love to honour our ancestral origins of herbal medicine and its connection to the herbal teas we drink today. Some of the common herbs that we buy from our local grocery store grew wild during the time of the Ancient Egyptians, and are still used in much the same way. The best part is they were then and still are now, revered for the same medicinal properties. There are so many benefits to drinking herbal tea, which is why it is so popular and a regular recommendation by most holistic practitioners. By choosing the right herbal teas or herbal tea blends and then brewing them correctly, not only will they taste great, but impart a variety of therapeutic benefits that you are going to want to embrace every day. In this blog post, we will discuss how to make the perfect cup of loose leaf tea so you can make sure you not only get the most flavour out of your herbs but the potency of their medicinal benefits.

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The Power of Herbal Tea: How it can benefit you every day

Michelle Moran
Herbal tea is one of the most overlooked and underrated health and wellness products on our shelves today. When we go looking for those glamorous goods that get all the hype and are said to make us feel wonderful, we may overlook the tea aisle in our local grocery or health food store. But embracing herbal teas as a daily ritual can have a huge amount of positive impact on both mind and body and can be transformational when it comes to your journey with health and wellness.
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